TOYOTA impossible stories
Hunting for the perfect shot in the dunes with Rami Anis.
We shot in Belgium with STINK director Paul Ward from RSA.
TOYOTA shoot in Canda
Unpacking gear in the snow mountains of Mt.Whistler.
Shooting with India's first professional female skater, Atita Verghese.
It's about mobility, in a societal context. Speaking about gender inequality. It's not only about India...
Dir: Adi Halfin DP: Roman Linetsky
Scouting with FreierEckert and Jonas Mc Lallen, filmreaktor, Sydney.
Freier Eckert directing the Ellie Cole doc for TOYOTA.
Scouting in Jiling (Northern China) for TOYOTA's doc on Chinese Para-snowboarders Jiang&Ming
Dir.: Laurent Barthélemy, Thanks Justin (Stink China), Grace Kawahara (Mt Melvil)
Commercial shoot with Filmreaktor and REJELL for TYO at MMC studios in Cologne
Dir: Kakimoto Kensaku/ Prod.Filmreaktor/ Prod. GERMANY: REJELL
Shooting for Amazon Prime Japan
Lamp studio & Momonga for Pipeline Production (Japan)
Locations: Paris, Tours, Château de VilliersClick Here
TOYOTA shoot with clowns in the Amazonas.Another mobility story.
About Eugenio, a doctor working with remote communities in the Amazonas
to promote health and education through clowns.
Dir.:Tour Vitesse CD:Toshihiko Tanabe & team / Engine films : Hiroshi Jingu

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